Blendable Builders “Big Deal” (and Freebie)

September 5, 2017

With the Grand Opening of my commercial use shop at SugarHillCo, I am offering a “Big Deal” of my Blendable Builders.  This pack includes the Blendable Builders Vintage Graphics 01, 02, 03, Vintage Letters, Vintage Text, and Birds.  Regularly priced at $30, this collection is being offered as a Grand Opening Big Deal for just $10 through September 15th.

So just what is a “blendable?” 

A blendable is a graphic or set of graphics that you blend into your papers to create a unique look.  You can also include them behind photos or clusters to add interest to your digital scrapbook pages. 

Some digital scrapbooking kits or collections will include “blendables” either in a kit, or as an extra pack in a Collection.  But if you are working with a kit that doesn’t have “blendables,” what do you do?  Change your idea and do something else?  

Well, creating your OWN blendables has never been easier with my new Blendable Builders. This collection includes 3 sets of vintage graphics, 1 set of vintage letters, and 1 set of vintage text.  Each element is perfect to use as a stand-alone graphic, but the packs were designed to mix and match, so you can create you own blendables in a snap!

It’s super simple and fast! Decide which elements you want to use and place each one on its own layer inside one document. Apply a mask to each element. (How to use a Mask in Photoshop). Then have fun brushing away parts of the elements you don’t want. It’s that simple!

Here is a example for you, created by msbrad.  She used one of the Blendable Builder Letters (a) and a graphic from Blendable Builder Vintage Graphics 01 (b), to help her create this absolutely stunning page.

Here’s a freebie sampler for you.  I have provided it in PSD format, so you can see exactly what I did to get the end result.

When you open the PSD file, you will see all of the layers I used. 

Right click on the Mask and choose Disable Layer Mask to reveal the original graphic, with no adjustments made to it. Choose Delete Layer Mask to reveal the original graphic, then apply your own mask and create your own blendable.

Here is mine.


Click on the image below to download the sampler!

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  1. Cindy

    THANK YOU!! While not new to PSE, I am new to actually using it other than saving my photographs. Your explanation is helpful and if I get a chance later (we’re getting ready for Irma to hit us tomorrow, just taking a break right now) I will try it out.

    • Karen

      Oh, goodness! I hope you come back next week and tell us that you are totally safe!!!!


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