Blendable Builders Garden 02 now available!

September 23, 2017

So just what is a “blendable?” 

A blendable is a graphic or set of graphics that you blend into your papers to create a unique look.  You can also include them behind photos or clusters to add interest to your digital scrapbook pages. 

Some digital scrapbooking kits or collections will include “blendables” either in a kit, or as an extra pack in a Collection.  But if you are working with a kit that doesn’t have “blendables,” what do you do?  Change your idea and do something else?  

Well, creating your OWN blendables has never been easier with my new Blendable Builders. This product line includes vintage graphics, letters,  text, flowers and garden elements.  I am happy to add a new pack to this collection, Blendable Builders Garden 02.  Each element is perfect to use as a stand-alone graphic, but the packs were designed to mix and match, so you can create you own blendables in a snap!

It’s super simple and fast! Decide which elements you want to use and place each one on its own layer inside one document. Apply a mask to each element. (How to use a Mask in Photoshop). Then have fun brushing away parts of the elements you don’t want. It’s that simple!

Enjoy a 25% Introductory Savings now thorugh September 28th at:

SnickerdoodleDesigns     SugarHillCo

SnickerdoodleDesigns Blendable Builders Garden 02

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