March 24, 2017

Good  morning!  I always send out my weekly newsletter on Saturday morning; but this week…. it’s been “a week.”  You know, one of those weeks where you are trying to catch up and are almost there, but not quite?  That’s where I am finding myself today.  I am leaving town in just a few minutes and will be back late Saturday evening. Rather than rushing my newsletter (which is when mistakes are made!), I will be writing it when I return, and sending it first thing Sunday morning. 

If you aren’t signed up for my weekly newsletter and would like to be, you can register here:  SnickerNews 

In the meantime, did you pick up this Spring-a-Ling Border Freebie on my blog? If not, find it here: Spring-a-Ling Freebie. 

Wishing you a great weekend!

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