Exposure Bracketing in Photography

July 6, 2016

Do you sometimes take photos that end up like this?  With a blown-out background and a dark foreground?


orig at 72dpi

I knew, when I took this photo, what the result would be.  But I was trying to take a photo of our grandson, who is 2, and he was not being compliant.  He refused to smile, as you can see… (he’s trying his BEST not to smile!!)…. and I had about 3 seconds to snap a picture before he jumped down from the stool and headed off toward his bicycle.

I knew the bright background, with the darker foreground, could be fixed in Photoshop, so I just snapped!

I’ll show you in Friday’s blog post how to fix this type of photo in Photoshop – but if you want to avoid having to post-process photos and get them “right” when you take the photo, you will find this article “How to Use Bracketing to get Your Best Shot” helpful!

See you Friday!


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