How to Avoid Crowds While taking Vacation Photos

May 13, 2016

Sometimes it’s just not possible to avoid crowds when taking vacation photos.  I mean, most of us are at the same spot because it’s beautiful or historic or memorable in some way, right? We would expect there to be crowds.


In 2007 my husband and I visited China. We were excited to be able to visit and walk on the Great Wall.  We expected that there would be many tourists there.. .we were right.  At one juncture, we could go to the left, which was a very steep climb; or go to the right, which was less strenuous.  We glanced to the right and saw the crowds, and opted for the more strenuous climb, but less-crowded part of the Wall.

How to avoid crowds when taking vacation photos

We still had other tourists in our photos, although not as many.  But making a choice like we made might not always be an option.

This week I found a great article on how to avoid having crowds, or as many crowds, in your vacation/landscape photographs. Some of these techniques might just work for me next time. I hope you find them helpful too!

8 Tips to Avoid Crowds at Popular Landscape Destinations

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  1. Michelle Bradshaw

    Your photos are awesome! I enjoyed the tips…especially the stack one using multiple pictures.

  2. Su Hall

    Good read! I was thinking, if you yelled “Bear!”, you’d have the places to yourself! LOL Thank you, Karen!

    • Karen

      LOL! Yep. I”ll be that would work too! 😉 Thanks for the chuckle!

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