How to Recolor in Photoshop

December 8, 2015

Join me this evening at National Association of Digital Scrapbookers (NAODS), as we talk about Recoloring made Easy in Photoshop!

This is a Members Only Class, so if you are a member of NAODS, just be sure to register HERE at least an hour before class.

If you are NOT a NAODS member, you can still join us  as a Guest.  Here’s how:  Accept Michelle’s 10-day FREE  Trial Membership, and then registering for the class via the link above.  NAODS is a membership-based teaching site for Photoshop Elements users.  To accept her Trial Membership, you need only provide your name and email address. No credit card required; No sign-up and then remembering to cancel! I love that!

You may use Michelle’s FREE Trial only one time.  If you  have used it previously, aren’t ready to commit to a membership, but would like to attend the class, you may do so by signing up HERE.  (Class Fee is $15.)

I hope to see you there!


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