How to Recolor Irish Lace Styles in Photoshop Elements

Irish Lace Styles 02 on Sunday, and wrote a post on how they worked so beautifully with Manu Scraps‘  Doily and Snowflake Generator Action and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes Filigree Action.  (Making your own Doilies and Snowflakes). I included a grayscale lace in Irish Lace Styles 02 and promised to show you how to recolor the style… so let’s take a look at how that’s done.

Two days ago we used CC2017 to recolor the grayscale style (How to Recolor Irish Lace Styles in Photoshop). Today let’s look at how to recolor them in Photoshop Elements.

I love this snowflake Manu created with her Action, so let’s use it in our example.


  • Install the Irish Lace Styles 02 in Photoshop Elements
  • Open the object you want to stylize (in this case Manu’s snowflake)
  • Apply the Grayscale Style.
  • Right click the layer to open the options panel and choose: Simplify Layer. This will merge the style to the object.

  • Apply a Solid Color Overlay.
  • You may go to the top menu bar and choose: Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, OR
  • Click on the “Create new Fill Layer or Adjustment Layer” icon in the Layers Panel, and choose Solid Color

  • Once your Solid Color Adjustment Layer is placed, the Color Picker will open. Choose the color you would like to use, then click OK. In my example, I chose color bf4b58 by typing in the Hex Code.  (You can change the color as many times as you like by using the color picker.)
  • Clip the Color Adjustment layer to the Object below by holding down the ALT key and hovering your mouse in-between the 2 layers. When you see the down-pointing arrow, click your left mouse once.
  • Experiment with Blend Modes until you let the look you like.  In this example, Linear Dodge looks nice.
  • If you would like to apply a drop shadow, apply it to your object.  I applied one of my Drop Shadow Styles, and here is the result.



That’s it! That’s how easy it is!

I hope you have found this helpful, and that you enjoy experimenting with color changes!

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You will find Manu’s Doily and Snowflake Generator Action at theStudio, on sale.

And you can find Jill’s Filigree Maker Action on sale at:

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If you would like to download a PDF of this tutorial you may do so here:  How to Recolor Irish Lace Styles in Photoshop Elements

If you would like to watch a short video on this process you may do so here:  How to Recolor Irish Lace Styles  in Photoshop Elements You Tube Video

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