Joyful Noise

May 19, 2016

Joyful: A feeling, which expresses great pleasure and happiness.
Music: Vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty.
A Joyful Noise:   a symphony, the first cry of a newborn baby, the laughter of a child.

A few weeks ago I was in the car with our grandson, Owen, who is 2 1/2 years old.  He sang “Jesus Loves Me” completely thru, without missing a beat.  I was enjoying his performance so much, I didn’t think to grab my camera and video him.  Once he was finished I asked him to sing it again so I could video him.    This was the result of that request.

Click on the image below for a 25 second video.

Joyful Noise SnickerdoodleDesigns

Owen’s performance sparked the idea for my newest collection, “Joyful Noise.”  Not only was his song joyful, but also his impish smile was a delight.  He has started saying, “Hmmmm….” as he is thinking, and it was fun to capture that on this video.  I was also happy to see that he was asking me for the “magic word.”  Apparently, I didn’t say please when I asked him to sing again. 

What is a “joyful noise” to YOU?

“Joyful Noise” is not necessarily a “music kit.”  It is more about how music brings us joy, or how the smallest  “noises” can be music to our ears.

You will find “Joyful Noise” at:

SnickerdoodleDesigns     The Digichick    theStudio

Enjoy an Introductory savings of 30% on the kit and extras; or take advantage of bundle pricing and save 62% on the entire Collection.

Joyful Noise by SnickerdoodleDesigns

Joyful Noise by SnickerdoodleDesigns Joyful Noise by SnickerdoodleDesigns



Joyful Noise by SnickerdoodleDesigns




Renee has created a Joyful Noise cluster for you, to help you get started on your own scrapbook pages!  Click on the image below to download.

Joyful Noise by SnickerdoodleDesigns
I look forward to seeing what “noises” make you joyful!

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  1. Kay

    What a darling little one. Thanks for sharing the video. I love this new collection.

  2. Traci Brennan

    Aw! Heart melting moment! Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Traci. Yes, Owen is such a little cutie!

  3. Su Hall

    How sweet! My ‘Joyful Noise’ is children! It wasn’t quite the same when I was raising my three children, but, now, it is purely music to my ears. Unfortunately, my grandbabies have moved out, got sent away or whatever mean thing their mother has done to them.
    I was woken up the other morning by what I was certain was my grandson calling out, “Gramma!”. I was so sure I heard it, twice, even, I called my other daughter, where he and his mom are staying, to see if he was okay.
    Thank you!

  4. DeLoris Musick

    You named this kit PERFECTLY for little ones! That video is precious of Owen!

  5. Ronna

    He’s adorable. Spontaneous song is always the most joyful! Thank you for the beautiful freebie too. It’s perfect for me since my oldest plays the Horn!

    • Karen

      Oh, I’m so glad! 🙂


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