Layout Inspiration by Beatrice: This is Me May

May 14, 2018

It’s Monday so I’m back on the blog ready to inspire you with layouts featuring This is Me May, part of the continuing This Is Me series. 

This is Me May

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If you read Karen’s blog or follow her on Facebook (and I hope you do) you know she has just returned from a fabulous trip to the Galapagos. I’ve enjoyed following her posts and seeing her amazing photos. However, now it’s time for the purpose of my post so I’ll get back to business.

I really like the grid or pocket style Bright Eyes used in her layout. To me, it works for the perfect mix of photos, papers and beautiful elements we all love to place on our projects. I like the way she rotated the title and placed it in the vertical box. The photos are darling and the way she used the brackets and arrow to point to them works so well. Of course the journal card fits perfectly and highlights the theme of the page.

Speaking of photos, the photos in this page by msbrad definitely made me smile. I really like the way she blended or extracted one of the photos into the background while placing another in the front of the page. Her cluster down the left hand side is gorgeous and repeating some of the flowers and foliage lends a cohesive look. The arrow pointing to the title gives a whimsical look to the page, perfect for her photos.

I really like the layout design of this project by Kabra. She also used one of the Border Buddies to frame her page. The beautiful clusters placed atop the photos lend to the diagonal design. I like the way she tilted the word strips and placed them on opposite sides of the page. 

This page by Joanna speaks of something that makes us all happy, taking photos.  I like the way she masked her photo and repeated the banners at angles across the page. Her clusters are dainty and cute in keeping with the whimsical banners. Bracketing the photo frames it and supports the journal card tucked behind.

I found another creative page design in this layout by Glori. The masked photo is precious and I like the way she edged the layout with the sweet scalloped border. I like the way she blended the paper and added her clusters to the opposite corners. The word art she chose fits her theme and again the arrow directs the eye to the center of the page and the photo which is the focal point.

It’s almost possible to hear the sound of laughter emanating from the child in this layout by Deanna. She chose the perfect photo to represent happy. I like the way she masked both the photo and the paper. The eye moves diagonally down the page beginning with the banner, scattered hearts and ending with the funky flowers and whimsical hearts. The word art moves the eye in the opposite direction and helps us to discover the entire page.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I’d like to say that I hope your May is a happy one so far. Thanks and have a great week!




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