Mayonnaise is NOT Miracle Whip

July 1, 2016

When I was growing up, my Mom fixed sandwiches for my lunch nearly every day.  Tuna, bologna, cheese, and (the dreaded Spam) are what I remember most.  At school, I always threw the bologna and spam sandwiches away, or traded them with someone else who liked that sort of thing.  But it’s the “mayonnaise” I want to talk about today.  To me, it tasted horrible, and pretty much ruined every sandwich I ever ate.

When I left home and moved into the dormitory at college, I found a new sense of freedom in many ways. One of the best freedoms was making my own food choices.  I made my way through the cafeteria line every day, knowing that I would NOT have to have anything with mayonnaise, as I was now my own Food Captain.

Several years later, after Rick and I were married, he went to a local shop one day to pick up some turkey sandwiches for our lunch. I always asked for my sandwiches “plain” or “dry.”  In other words, no mayonnaise (or mustard or ketchup). Whenever I received my sandwiches, I always peeked inside them before taking that first bite, to be sure my request had been carried out.  This particular day, however, I didn’t.  I took a big bite out of my sandwich, and my eyes opened wide as I tasted some ooey-gooey-yummy “white stuff.”  I asked Rick what it was, and he said it was mayonnaise. Noooooo, I told him. I don’t like mayonnaise, but THIS.. this was delicious!  We argued about it.. a friendly argument… because we both knew we were right.

I finally capitulated, and agreed it must be mayonnaise. But my explanation was that the formula had changed since I had eaten it as a child.   This simply could NOT be what my mother used to put on my sandwiches.  That had to be it!

It took me a little while to figure out that what had been on my sandwiches as a child was, indeed, not mayonnaise, but Miracle Whip.  They are most definitely are not the same thing. I know that now.

And now I know I LOVE mayonnaise. It’s Miracle Whip that ruined my school-yard lunches.

This might seem like a simple thing. And, in the whole scheme of life, it is. But it also taught me a lesson.

Things may not always be what they seem to be, and I need to be careful before making judgement calls. If I find myself being slightly judgemental, even now, I ask myself… Is it Miracle Whip… or could it actually be Mayonnaise?



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  1. Su Hall

    LOL Our parents ‘fooled’ us many times and we didn’t have a clue. I know because I did it with my children and recognized the ‘symptoms’. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, milk’s marvelous benefits, mayonnaise, etc. I agree with you on Miracle Whip! I think it is too sweet! Mayonnaise, to me, is just for keeping the bread from getting soggy, but, I like it on some sandwiched – ham, turkey, roast beef, cheese, and so on.
    Miracle Whip is good for salads. My mom-in-lay would tear up lettuce and toss in a heaping tablespoon of MW. It was a simple but yummy ‘green vegetable’! LOL
    Have a marvelous Fourth!
    Oh, and, don’t forget! Mayonnaise and the sun do NOT mix well. It tends to spoil when not refrigerated and, next to meat, or on potato salad, can cause one to get extremely ill! But, you knew that! LOL

  2. DebB

    I’m like you – I detest Miracle Whip but love mayonnaise! How can two things that look so much alike taste so differently? I’ll make lots of things with mayo, but not the ‘other’ stuff. It’s like butter and margarine – I can tell the difference and seldom use margarine.

  3. Pam K

    I love your story! When I was little, my mom always put mustard on my bologna sandwiches (I think because it would get too hot for mayonnaise) … so at first I didn’t like mayo. Later I came to like mayo on sandwiches, but one day someone (I don’t remember who) used miracle whip! I thought the mayo had gone bad!! I’m with you — I don’t like miracle whip; to me, it’s mayo want-to-be! LOL!

    • Karen

      LOL! I knew there would be some Miracle Whip lovers out there! 😉

  4. LIz

    My mom, too, bought Miracle Whip, and we called it mayonnaise, thinking that Miracle Whip was just one brand name of mayonnaise. I did like it, though, but it’s been so long since I’ve had it that I can’t say whether I still like it. LOL I only buy mayo.

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