New Border Buddies!

February 14, 2015

At the beginning of this month’s Border Challenge at theStudio, I asked the participants to experiment with a different style of Border Buddie, let me know what they thought of it… and if they would like more.   When you have an extra minute, pop into the Challenge to see the FREE Border Buddie Sampler (It is still available to download.), then scroll thru the posts and see all the different ways the Buddie was used.  It continually astonishes me how creative you all are, and how one item, whether it is a Buddie or another type of product, can be used in so many different ways!  I was happy to see that more Buddies of this type were requested, so I set to work this week on 2 new sets.

For the new Border Buddies, Sets 15 and 16, I concentrated on simple designs, similar to the Border Buddie Challenge Sampler.  I used the same 4 shapes in both products, so you can Mix and Match elements from one set with that of the other, if desired.

Border Buddies are designed to help you put together your pages quickly and easily! You can easily clip a paper to or recolor any of the layers, and be DONE!  But for those who want to experiment more with there here are some ideas!

Tips and Suggestions:

  1. For those of you new to my Border Buddies, or if you just want a refresher,  here is a post on Border Buddies and How to Use them.
  2. The lace on Set 16 looks great on its own, but also looks lovely with my Irish Lace Styles applied to it.
  3. If you are not applying a Style to the lace but are recoloring it and want to add a shadow, you might find this tutorial helpful:  Adding Shadows to Lace in Photoshop or in Photoshop Elements.
  4. Try my Photoshop String Styles on the stitching to really make it pop! You might like to adjust the Distance and Size of the Shadow on the Styles to Distance 2, Size 2.
Border Buddies Set 15 and Set 16 are available at:
SnickerdoodleDesigns     theStudio     CUDigitals
I hope you enjoy these new Buddies!

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  1. NancyP

    You are AWESOME!!! I am going to play!!!

  2. Stacey

    love these! especially set 16!


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