Olympic Obsession

August 11, 2016

Are you caught up in watching the Olympic Games this year?  While I have been working on design projects and decorating my newly painted bathroom (A blue ceiling. Really!), my husband, Rick, has been “busy” watching the Olympic Games.   I don’t begrudge him that pleasure.  He is a sports-guy and loves watching the Swimming, Golf, and Beach Volleyball competitions. I’m not a sports-gal, although I do enjoy watching the Gymnastics, which he very nicely records for me to watch when it is convenient for me.  He doesn’t like decorating bathrooms, and I do. And would rather do it by myself.  So we’re all square here.

But I am wondering if there is a difference between “watching the games” and being “obsessed” with watching the games.

The other day I was working on some decorating ideas in the newly painted bathroom and needed a bag for trash.  I hollered… yes, I did.. I actually “hollered” to Rick, who was in the family room, at the other end of the house, watching said games:  “WILL YOU BRING ME A TRASH BAG, PLEASE?”

I waited a minute or so, and became impatient.  Where is he? Where is the trash bag I need?

As I started walking toward the family room to see just exactly why my request wasn’t being carried out as quickly as I would have liked, I saw Riley walking toward me.

See that “white thing” tied to his collar?  It’s the trash bag I was asking for. Neatly and carefully tied to his collar by.. .none other than my Olympic-Game-Obsessed husband.  Beach Volleyball was on.  What else could he do?

I had to get a picture of this…. so I asked Riley to pose for me.  I’m pretty sure I heard him say, “I’m a cuddly, adorable Bischon Frise. I am NOT a St. Bernard.”


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  1. Karla McCormick

    From someone who loves the Olympics and beach volleyball, I’m with Rick! You rock, Riley! Classic, Rick!

    • Karen

      LOL! So I assume you would have done the same thing then? 🙂

  2. Carla White

    Such a sweet story!

    • Karen

      🙂 Thank you, Carla!

  3. Gloria Rieschl

    Well I must say I think it’s great that you both have a such a great creative minds!! And go Riley for carrying that through! LOLOL Both keepers!

  4. DeLoris Musick

    Oh my goodness, how funny and cute this is!!!! Does your tv not have a remote with a pause button? LOL I love watching the Olympics, but I record it so I can bypass events I’m not interested in and the commercials! Give Riley a hug for me! Good Dog!

    • Karen

      Yes, it has a pause. Rick was just being amusing. 🙂

  5. Gail

    I read this to my husband and his comment was, “Men’s or Women’s?”

    • Karen

      LOL! That is funny! I’ll have to ask him!

  6. Tracy

    That is so funny, I laughed out loud, thanks for sharing. Gotta love husbands, and definitely dogs 🙂

    • Karen

      LOL! Yes, they both have their own value. 🙂

  7. Genie Wooden

    very creative husband, and so funny, love this story, thanks for sharing it!

    • Karen

      🙂 Thanks, Genie! Glad you got a chuckle out of it!

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