June 9, 2016

My husband is a “runner.”  When he came back from his run this morning, he came into my office to get me.  He wanted to show me something outside.

He led me about 100 feet up our driveway and pointed out a flower that was growing right out of a crack in the asphalt.

When I looked at the flower very closely,  I could see multiple spider webs on it, as well as some dark and dried pieces of foliage. The base of the plant was hidden by rocks and dead leaves.




But as I stepped back to get the “whole picture”, I saw something different.

It was withstanding the assault on its body by the spiders and the harsh sun.

It was standing strong and tall in a place where it was in danger of being run over.

It was a survivor. And it was beautiful.


I love it when nature teaches me, or reminds me, of something.

This was the best 5 minutes of my day.



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  1. Joleen Sytsma

    That was profound!! It made me pause and marvel at the lessons of God’s creation when we take the time to listen. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Karen

      Thank you for your comments, Joleen.

  2. Dels PSP Emporium

    This was a beautiful story for a beautiful flower. Some would call it a weed, I call it breathtaking! I love that you love nature as I do and can see and appreciate the beauty in it!

  3. Elizabeth Kirby

    Love your photo and your photo reflection. Well Said.

    • Karen

      Thank you, Elizabeth. I appreciate hearing from you.


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