Woodland Winter Glitter


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A set of 8 glitter styles, designed to perfectly coordinate with Woodland Winter.  Add a little sparkle to your winter pages with this shimmering glitter.


  •  asl file
  •  metadata file for convenience of PSE users
  •  PSE user-friendly Strip
  •  8 jpg glitter sheets
  •  Tutorials on (1) how to use the PSE user-friendly Strip, (2) how to install asl files in PSE, if you so wish, (3) how to use a metadata file, if desired

Information about this product:

  •  Please note that metadata files are not required in order to use Photoshop Styles. They are simply an organizational tool for your convenience.
  • PSE users will not need to install these Styles in order to work with them, but will be able to access all style patterns and style characteristics with the use of the PSE Strip.
  • Styles (.asl files) are designed for use in Photoshop and will not work with other programs.

Woodland Winter Glitter is offered separately for your convenience, but is also included in the entire Collection, which is your best value.

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