Woodland Winter Kit


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Winter extends its icy grip without discrimination.  Snow, icy winds, and freezing weather affect animals as well as humans.  While we can warm ourselves by the fire and cheer ourselves by a candle’s glow, forest animals grow thicker fur to keep them warm, locate food they have stored away for winter, and wait, along with us, for Spring to come. 

Woodland Winter was inspired by the memory of visiting my grandparent’s in Kansas nearly every winter as I was growing up.  There I experienced the silence of falling snow, the sounds of ice crunching beneath my feet as I walked down a country road, and the wonder of seeing animals not only surviving but thriving in the winter’s cold.


  • 12 shabby artistic papers
  • 7 shabby papers with light plays
  • 71 unique elements, with 3 variations; making a total of 74 elements

Detailed Elements List:

  • 1 barrel, 1 bench, 1 set of winter berries, 1 bird house, 1 bling, 4 winter branches, 1 buffalo, 1 button, 1 charm, 1 deer, 1 eagle, 10 flowers, 1 flower spray, 8 pieces of foliage, 1 fox, 3 frames, 1 frosted glass, 1 set of icicles, 1 knob, 1 lantern, 1 lantern with glow, 1 winter mask, 1 owl, 1 pine cone, 1 wood plank, 5 ribbons, 1 set of ripped shears, 2 ropes, 2 snowballs, 1 snow drift, 1 snowflake, 1 snow overlay, 1 set of sparkles, 1 staple, 1 star scatter, 1 stitched design, 2 stones, 1 tag, 1 tin, 1 set of trees, 1 window frame, 1 window frame with glass, 2 wreaths, 2 smears

Information about this product:

  • Papers are 12” x 12”; jpg format
  • Elements vary in size and are png format
  • All are 300 dpi

Terms of Use:
·         This product is PU/S4H friendly.

Woodland Winter Kit is offered separately for your convenience, but is also included in the entire Collection, which is your best value.

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