Saving Hard Drive Space

April 5, 2015

Hard drive space becomes a premium resource as we gather more digital products.  I know I keep seeing my available hard drive space decreasing as I add to my collection of resources.


To determine how much hard drive space you have available, if you are using a PC:

  1.  Click on the Windows logo (lower left corner of your screen)
  2.  Click on “Computer”
  3.  Right click on the drive that you would like to explore
  4.  Go to Properties, and you will see a pop-up window, such as I have shown above.

Here you will be able to determine how much drive space you have used and how much you have available.

In past tutorials we have looked at 2 ways to save hard drive space:

  1. Saving Hard Drive Space by Deleting Hidden Layers
  2. Transparency Utilizes a Lot of Space

Today let’s look at one more way to save hard drive space, and that is by deleting extra file formats that come with a product.

READ THE REST OF THIS TUTORIAL HERE and be sure to download the included It’s a Snap Cluster while you are there!


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