Simple Things

I’ve been told that I am “high maintenance.”  My first response was… “Seriously?  I don’t think I am at all!”

But after I thought about it a little more, I conceded … well, maybe…. just a tad… in some areas of my life.  But aren’t we all? (Please say yes!)

I just asked my husband to give me some examples of how I might be high maintenance, and he couldn’t think of any. (Doesn’t that prove my point?)

I think I’m pretty easy-going. Okay, yes, I do have some compulsive  tendencies.  I like my cabinets and drawers organized, and have spent a fortune on organizer and storage bins.  I like to have a lot of “raw materials” around me (“Not Enough Time“) because you never know when inspiration will strike!   I kinda like things my way, although I certainly can compromise.  Do these things make me high maintenance?

Simple things, truly, make me the happiest.  This week I found a missing sock, and it made me happy to put it with it’s mate, that had been sitting so lonely on the top of my dresser. I found a quarter in the washing machine. A plant in my yard started it’s November blooming phase. We had 2 days of rain, that provided  a wonderful smell and clean environment.  And yesterday, when Rick (husband) came home from the grocery store, he brought me a surprise. It immediately brought a smile to my face, and I clapped like a 6 -year-old in delight!

Now does that sound high maintenance to you?

Have you been told you are high maintenance? Or do you know someone who is?  Can you give us some examples?  I honestly don’t want to have to rethink this…. but maybe I should?




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Comments (3)

  1. Karla McCormick

    I love the line in When Harry Met Sally that says the “worst” kinds are people that think they are low maintenance but really are high maintenance. I can identify with that and certainly with your personal note. I can be very low maintenance but also pretty high maintenance…too often with an attitude. Love the camel apple! Don’t you love it when your spouse thinks of the small things? 🙂

    November 5, 2016 at 5:50 am
  2. I’m not high maintenance at all. But I do have OCD! I want everything to match and be in order and clean. Now, ask me if I get what I want! LOL Life is compromise. But, the less I have the happier I am. I worry about everything! Is that high maintenance? I want a caramel apple too. Tell Rick to share! Hugs, DeLoris

    November 5, 2016 at 6:11 am
  3. Glori

    What you have stated sounds a lot like me…organized drawers, tub bins etc BUT, I so do not think you (or I) would be called high maintenance people!! I would say we are not really low maintenance because we do like a “clean” world! lol I guess it all depends on the observer and what they see through their eyes. I can still disagree if they say I would be considered high maintenance though, too!

    Caramel apples is a must for me in the fall months…and OMG, what a sweet treat from your hubby!! <3

    November 5, 2016 at 6:23 am
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