Stitching Brushes!

February 5, 2016

It’s all in the details!  Stitching can add such charm and interest to page, embellishments, and even page titles!

You will find 3 brand new sets of Stitching Brushes in my shops, along with a Photoshop Styles created specifically to add texture, color, and a slight drop-shadow to your stitches.  Turn the shadow off, or adjust to your liking.

These brushes are all Dynamic Directional brushes, meaning they will change direction as they move along the path you create.  Here’s an example. The example on the left was created with a Dynamic Directional brush; the brush changed directions as it followed the path of the circle.  The example on the right was created with the same brush without Dynamic Directional attributes.  You can see it doesn’t look pretty at all.

Stitching Brushes

For a brief tutorial on how to have a brush follow a path that YOU create, view my You Tube tutorial here or click on the image below:  Using Directional Brushes

Using Directional Brushes Tutorial You Tube

Available at:

Karen Schulz Designs   |    Oscraps    |    GingerScraps

I hope you enjoy using this product!

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