Sweet Treats and a Freebie

October 27, 2016

Several weeks ago, I shared a Baked Oatmeal recipe in my post Cooking for Guests.  The dish is very easy to make and incredibly yummy!

One of the things I love about digital scrapbooking is how we all have different perspectives, and infuse our own personalities and experiences into what we create.

Cooking / Baking is no different!

Sheryl and Glori took the Baked Oatmeal Recipe and put their own creative spin on it.  I thought it was really interesting that they both included Pumpkin in their versions.

From Sheryl:



From Glori:


Glori reported that her version was a tad sweet with the Caramel Bits.

Another blog reader said she would try tossing in some Chocolate Chips into the original recipe.

I think these are all great options, and I am going to be trying each of them.

With the holiday season approaching, it’s a great recipe to keep in mind. It’s perfect for guests too! Although I love to snack on it throughout the day, it’s best straight out of the oven.  Just warm up a little milk, pour over the oatmeal, and enjoy!

And then don’t forget to create a scrapbook page featuring your concoction!


Glori scrapped her recipe with Trick or Treat.

If you would like to download Sheryl and/or Glori’s recipe, you may do so HERE.

If you missed the original recipe, you will find it HERE. 

A great big thank you goes to these 2 talented ladies for sharing with us and allowing me to offer their recipes to you!

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