Text Orientation in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

I  am a detailed person.  I also know that I can get hyper-focused on one thing and totally miss something else.  Are you familiar with the saying “Don’t miss the forest because of the trees?”  It refers to the fact that sometimes we can get so focused on something small that we miss the bigger picture.

I confess to you today that I have been doing that, in regards to Text Orientation in Photoshop!

In Photoshop, under the Text Tool, there are 4 options, as seen below.


When I want to change a horizontal text to a vertical text, I have always headed straight for the Type Tool.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

BUT….. just yesterday, I noticed a little symbol up in the top menu bar.  I had never paid attention to that before.

So I clicked on it …. just to see what would happen. (Sometimes that can be fun in Photoshop!)

And wow!  A new way to orient text!

Now the rather nice thing about using this little Text Orientation Menu Option is that it is only ONE click…. as opposed to (1) Clicking on the T to select the Text Tool, and then clicking on the Vertical Type Tool.  That’s  50% less clicks.  And if you’re like me,  some days, saving even one click can sometimes be really helpful on the wrist.

This tip also works in Photoshop Elements.  (Screenshot using PSE 11).

That’s my little tip for the day!


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