Creating Text on a Work Path

May 23, 2015

Last week we talked about Working With Shapes in Photoshop.  Today let’s look at another thing we can do with Shapes, and that is creating text on their work paths.

For today’s tutorial, I am using Photoshop CC.

Let’s get started!

Read the rest of this tutorial on theStudio’s Blog.

When I think of some of the fun and “cool” things we can do in Photoshop, the phrase “Cool Beans!” always comes to mind.  With that thought in my head,  I chose a paper from my collection Cool Beans to demonstrate the work path on.  You can take a closer look at this Collection HERE.

I’ve put it on Special Pricing for you through June 7th!

SAVE 40% on the Kit and Extras!  But the Collections is ALWAYS your best value!

Enjoy this Cool Beans Stacked, which has plenty of room for you to add text paths that you create! You will find it HERE at the end of my tutorial on theStudio’s blog!


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  1. Staceys

    Love this tutorial! thanks so much for both the tutorial and the beautiful stacked page!

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