Creating your own Style Strips for Photoshop Layer Styles

July 19, 2014

For the past few weeks, we have been looking at Photoshop Styles.  Here are links to past tutorials, in case you missed one:

Many of you have written to tell me that you like that I include, what I call, Style Strips in my Styles products.  Many of you have also asked how to make your own Style Strips for Styles you own or ones that purchase from other designers.  It’s very simple to do…..

Read the rest of this tutorial on theStudio’s Blog: Creating your own Style Strips for Photoshop Layer Styles

Download the Styles Strip Template that I use to help you get started with making your own Style Strips! This template is available on the Studio’s blog post.


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  1. stacey

    Glad to see you back! thanks for all the excellent tutorials – I save each one!

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