Tutorial: Using the Type Mask Tool in Photoshop

August 2, 2015

For the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the Text Tool in Photoshop. Here’s a recap:

Nested in with the Type tool are the Horizontal and the Vertical Type Mask tools.  Both Marks tools function in the same way, the exception being the orientation of the type.

Today let’s work with the Horizontal Type Mask tool and cut some text from a paper.  I will be working in Photoshop CC2015.  The Mask tools are included in Photoshop Elements, and work in the same way as in Photoshop.

Read the rest of this tutorial on theStudio’s blog HERE. 

See how easy it was to create the “Africa” cut-out, and pick up this layout, which I turned into a Quick Page for you – all on the Studio’s blog!

This layout was created using my newest Collection Chart Your Course, offered at an introductory savings of 30% at:

SnickerdoodleDesigns     and     theStudio


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