Watercolor Flowers

September 16, 2017

I used to do a lot of decorative painting, sometimes referred to as “tole painting.”   I had a wood shop (in our garage) where I cut my own wood. I taught classes in this art form, as well as sold my products. It was great fun and I absolutely loved it.  We moved and I lost my shop availability, and so painting was put on the sidelines for a while.

Last week I had a bad respiratory virus. There were times when I was flat in bed, but other times when I felt like doing something. I didn’t feel alert enough to actually do any computer work, so I dragged out my paint brushes, and picked up a vintage dictionary. I love reading, and treasure all books, so it was REALLY HARD for me to rip pages out of that book, but I had a vision………….so I gritted my teeth and did it!

It has been a while since I’ve picked up my paint brushes, and I had a blast!  Watercolor Flowers 01 is the result.

Available at SnickerdoodleDesigns and SugarHill Co.
Save 25% through September 21st. 

Watercolor Flowers SnickerdoodleDesigns

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  1. Glori

    Wow!! Love your book flowers!! If that’s what you do when you are sick…well, call me IMPRESSED!!

  2. Caren

    they look great!

  3. Deanna

    I love those Karen!! I hope you are feeling better!!

  4. Renee

    These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing how you made them. I love seeing and reading how your designs come together – you are a very talented designer!

  5. Karla

    You never cease to amaze me, Karen! This is great!

  6. Dels PSP Emporium

    The flowers are just charming! I had to get the set and I love them! As always, something good comes out of something bad! Big Virus Free Hugs, DeLoris

  7. Judith Overton Blanchard

    Love these Karen! I love love love painting on book pages, so these really speak to me. Nice work! Hope you are feeling lots better. (P.S. I think we live in the same area….so Howdy Neighbor!)

    • Karen

      Thanks, Judith. I would LOVE to see some that you have done!!!


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