What Can Your Camera Do?

January 19, 2016

Did you get a new camera for Christmas?  Or do you have a camera you haven’t experimented much with? This week a friend of mine was lamenting the poor manual that came with her new camera. We did a Google search found a more thorough manual / book for her on Amazon.

Whether you are happy with your camera manual or not, here is a great article on learning what your camera can do:   Do These 5 Quick Exercises to Learn what your Camera can do.

I’ve had my Nikon D7000 for 4 years now… It’s “ancient” in digital camera life years… but it still works perfectly.  I always love to learn, so started with Exercise #1, Depth of Field.


Now on to Exercise #2!


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  1. Schmidt Family

    How fantastic, Karen! I’m currently trying to learn more about my camera (Canon 70-D), too. And to switch to shoot only in manual mode and learn back button focus!
    One of my main learning resources has been John Greengo’s camera-specific course on the topic (he has loads of ‘Fast Start’ courses on many common makes and models of cameras). He also has a general class about photography coming up for free viewing on Creative Live next week: https://www.creativelive.com/courses/fundamentals-of-photography-2016-john-greengo.
    He’s such a fabulous and thorough (yet not boring!) teacher. I definitely would recommend any of his courses to anyone looking to improve their photographic understanding and skills. Great job getting us inspired to improve, Karen! What’s up for lesson #2?

  2. Billie Clay

    I agree that the classes from John Greengo for your specific camera are superb! I got a Nikon d5500 touch screen for Christmas and had everything to learn. I purchased 17 online classes for $34 on a sale he had. The good thing is you can go back and redo the class over and over if you aren’t getting something.! Thanks Karen.. Love what you do!

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