Whether you are a digital scrapbook layout artist or a designer, do you find yourself wishing your kits and supplies were more organized? Do you spend more time searching for the kit you want to use or the Photoshop tools you need, then you do actually scrapping or designing?  If your answer is “YES!” then I can help.  My online course “Get Organized” will teach you how to organize your scrapbook kits and supplies using the ACDSee software. The class is taught in ACDSee 20. ACDSee just rebranded their products and the equivalent product now is ACDSee Standard 2018;  however, the principles of organization will be the same, no matter what version of ACDSee you are using. Your screen might just look slightly different than mine.

If  you do not have ACDSee and would like to try it before purchase, you may download a 30-day Trial http://acdsystems.go2cloud.org/SHThere. 

My experience: 

When I first started digi-scrapping, I was using Photoshop Elements.  I tried using the Photoshop Elements Organizer, but it was too slow for my needs. I tried organizing using Windows Explorer, Picasa, and a few other free programs that were available at the time. Nothing worked for me until I discovered ACDSee.  It was fast and easy to use.  At first, I was intimidated by the idea of tagging all of my kits and supplies. I mean, how much time would that take????  So I didn’t. I just used ACDSee more as a Viewer than anything else, and it was great for that.  But it wasn’t very long before I realized that if I just set aside an hour a week, I could actually get some tagging done and would be able to work more efficiently, and with much less frustration. So that’s what prompted me to start the tagging process. Before long, I became motivated to spend more than an hour a week on this task because the pay off in the time-I-spent-searching-for-things was so great! Today, I use ACDSee both for my personal and business needs, and I honestly don’t know how I would work without it.

Over the years, I have talked to both scrappers and designers about organization.  We ALL want to be organized, and utilize our time in the fun part of scrapping and designing, so that is how the idea for “Get Organized” class was born.

“Get Organized” is hosted in an exciting new way, and will be available to you as an App on my Facebook Page.  This means you can access the class easily, anytime, anywhere!

In “Get Organized” you will:

  • Install the ACDSee software and set up preferences.
  • Convert your files from your previous ACDSee program to a newer one, if you are a current ACDSee user.
  • Become familiar with the ACDSee interface.
  • Prepare digital kits for cataloging.
  • Learn how to Speed Tag and assign Labels, Keywords, Color Codes, and Numerical Codes. (The same system may be used to organize your photos, although we will not cover photos in this class).
  • Learn how to find what you want when you want it, in seconds!
  • Learn how to save all of the cataloging work you have done.
  • You will have access to the class videos so you can watch them over and over again, as you need to. A PDF script is also available for download.
  • You will have access to a private Get Organized Facebook Group, where you will be able to ask questions, get answers, and associate with other ACDSee users
  • Included: 10 Extra Bonus Tips

What ACDSee Class Members are saying: 

  • “I keep thinking of a quote I saw…”It doesn’t matter how slow you are. Forward is forward.” On a positive note, I have rediscovered lots of beautiful papers I had forgotten I even had, as well as other digi-supplies. I’ve also bitten the bullet and deleted a lot of stuff that has made me scratch my head and wonder why I ever downloaded it to start with. Last night I even dreamed about tagging.   (V. Short)
  • “I knew I had a lot of kits but didn’t realize how many. Then there are those free download Tuesday and Friday’s. I forgot I downloaded all those pages and have never used them. I am so glad I got this program. I may actually be able to start Digi scrapping more effectively.” (B. Spiegel)
  • “You are a saint…with all of the questions I have sent times everyone else’s questions, how do you have time to do anything else. Your cheat sheets are a gift from God (thru Karen). I started taking notes while watching the video and thank God I was only at #3. You have (1) saved me a lot of time and frustration and (2) explained what you were doing much better than what I tried to write. I did get myself an external hard drive just for Digital Scrapbooking and am starting from scratch. THANK YOU so much. P.S. Your enthusiasm is contagious.”  (J. Mott)

What you need to know:

  • “Get Your Digital Kits Organized” is hosted on 22Social, a cutting-edge App, hosted on Facebook.
  • You will have Forever Access to the class, any time of the day or night.


  • ACDSee  is a Windows-based program; but there is also a Mac version in Beta format available for download. 
  • If you do not own the ACDSee software, you may download a  FREE 30 day trial HERE.  (Advert)
  • Your investment in this course is $29. Payment is made through PayPal. Once payment has been processed, access your class HERE. 




I hope to see you in class!