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Karen Schulz Designs has teamed up with Digital Scrapper Classes (QwikLearn) to bring
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Includes videos & step-by-step manuals.

You decide when to start and when to stop.

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Find a Class for Everything You Need & Want to Learn

Learn the Best Scrapbooking Software for Digital Scrappers

Learn Photoshop and Photoshop Elements fast and frustration-free!

Save 15% on QwikLearn (for PSE)
Save 15% on QwikLearn (for PS)

Discover the Secrets of Beautiful Scrapbook Pages

Experience the delight of creating classically-designed scrapbook pages you’ll be proud to print and share.

Save 15% on Design Beautiful Pages (for PSE/PS)

Master Selections

Harness the power of the Selection tools with confidence and ease.

Selections 1:
Master the Basics (for PSE)
Master the Basics (for PS)

Selections 2:
Powerful Selection Techniques (for PSE)
Powerful Selection Techniques (for PS)

Create Amazing Scrapbook Page Templates

Master the Type Tool

Travel beyond simple page titles by utilizing the powerful features of the Type Tool.
Secrets of Terrific Type (for PSE/PS)
10 Timeless Titles Vol 1 (for PSE/PS)
See All Type-Based Classes

Transform Your Photos

Don’t let your underexposed and lifeless photos ruin a perfectly good scrapbook page.
Next Level Editing: Part 1 (for PS Only)
Next Level Editing: Part 2 (for PS Only)
An Eye for Edits (for PS/PSE)
See All Photo Editing Classes

Fast & FREE Learning for Digital Scrapbookers

Free Online Classes

Get the basics of Procreate, Photoshop Elements,or Adobe Photoshop for FREE!
Page Builder Series, Vol 1 (for PSE/PS)
Intro to Procreate (for Procreate (for iPad)

Free Quick Video Tutorials

Digital Scrapper’s blog contains hundreds of free tutorials based on brushes, filters, shapes, gradients, and
Free Quick Brush Tutorials (for PSE/PS)
Free Quick Filter Tutorials (for PSE/PS)
See all Free Quick Tutorials