Terms of use for Karen Schulz Designs
© 2011 by Karen Schulz
Personal (PU)
Scrap For Hire (S4H)/Scrap For Others (S4O)
Commercial use (CU)


The files contained herein are the product of Karen Schulz at Karen Schluz Designs and are
protected by United States and international copyright law.

I retain and reserve the right to modify, update and change the Terms of Use for all digital designs at
any time with or without notice.  However, the terms of use that were applicable when you purchased your product will NOT change. 


Personal use designs/products are not to be used for commercial gain without the express written
permission of me. This is applicable even if you obtain these as a freebie from me.


– You may post completed projects online through e-groups, boards, galleries, forums,
newsgroups, or submit to magazines for possible publication, please give proper credit to
Karen Schulz Designs with a link to my site (if possible):

– When submitting to magazines, you may alter graphics with respect to color, size, or by adding to
or removing from them; however, when doing do, please identify the changes that you have

– You may use my kits for making gifts to give away only – NOT FOR SALE

– You may copy this set for backup purposes in the format of DVD, CD or EHD. Designs may not
be shared with others. You may not copy to online file manager sites.

– You may use this product for Personal Use, Scrap-for-Others or for an in-home Scrap-for-Hire
business provided that you do not furnish pages to your customers in a layered format. The
finished product may only be made available to your customers in a flattened .jpg file or printed


– You may not make any sort of freebie to offer, using any of my elements or papers, whether free
or purchased, without my express permission. I’m easy to work with. Just tell me what you want
to do, and chances are I will agree! 😉

– You may not use my designs to create “printables”, quick pages or similar items for sale or for
free without my express permission. I reserve that right for myself. Please contact me at
karen@karenschulz.net if you have questions. I will do my best to
accommodate your needs. Again. I’m pretty easy to work with and want to help you succeed in what
you would like to do,  so just let me know what you have in mind.

– You may not use these files for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose
which is prohibited by law.

– You may not share, loan, rent, resell, distribute, transfer, or post my designs across a bulletin
board, network, modem, internet or web page.

– You may not make copies of these files on any electronic or physical medium (including CDs,
diskettes, or other storage medium) for reasons other than back-up purposes. Products that you
purchase from me are for your computer only.



– You may use my designs/products to create PERSONAL USE scrap kits for sale but the
products/graphics may not be sold as-is as a stand-alone products.

– You may use my graphics/products in web design providing that proper credit is given on your
site, if possible:https://karenschulz.net/new-web.


– Claim my graphics as your own, either in their original state or altered state.

– You may not make other Commercial Use products from my graphics/products unless they are
specifically advertised by me as “CU4CU.”

– Print, or have printed, any of my original graphics, papers, or products to sell in stores, websites,
or ebay.

– Sell my graphics/products through any means in their purchased format.

“Digital Piracy is the theft, reproduction, or redistribution of a copyrighted work without the permission or knowledge of the creator/copyright holder. This includes redistribution without the intent to profit from the redistribution. Redistributing something you got for free is still piracy. If you didn’t create it, DON’T redistribute it!”
(courtesy of Jen Strange and her blog “Stop Digital Piracy” located at:

All the foregoing rules and regulations are stated simply to protect myself from unethical people. I
understand that the majority of us are honest people with good intentions. If you find anything confusing
about my TOU, or would like special permission to use my designs in a certain way, please do not
hesitate to contact me at: karen@karenschulz.net I will do my very best to
accommodate your needs.

Thank you for using my designs. I sincerely appreciate your interest and patronage!

Karen Schulz
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