Handmade Christmas

December 3, 2015

Nothing says “love” like a handmade gift – no matter what it is.  A card, a quilt, a bookmark, a photo album.  They all tell the recipient that you cared enough about them to invest not only your thoughts but also your time so they could have a very special gift.

I’ve been collecting gift ideas for months now.  Check out my All Things Christmas Pinterest Board for both gift ideas, recipes, and fun family activities.

Another great site to visit (and follow!) is the Family Advent Calendar 2015 by The Lunchbox Season’s. Such great ideas!!

One year,  many years ago, we, as a family,  handmade every single gift we gave. To everyone.  It was fun. It was time-consuming. It was hard.. at times. But it was rewarding, and really taught our children some lessons along the way.

This year I created the Handmade Christmas kit. I hope you will find it helpful in creating your own gifts!  Over the next few days, I will be posting tutorials here on the blog for different handmade gifts. For today, let’s take a look at the Kit and Extras, some Creative Team inspiration, and then I have a cluster gift for you at the end of the post!




Handmade Christmas is part of the Hatchery Collection at The Digichick, and will be available exclusively at TDC from December 3rd – December 9th.  Don’t forget Hatchery prices are usually just $1-2 per pack, but only for ONE week!

Here is some Layout Inspiration for you from  Deanna, at The Digichick, followed by layouts from my Creative Team!



Click on the image below to download this adorable cluster, created for you by Renee!


I would love to see what you do with Handmade Christmas! Feel free to email your layouts to me so I can share them, or post them to your favorite gallery and let me know where they are!


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  1. Peggy S

    Thank you, this is cute! Brings back memories for those of us who celebrated Christmas in the 50’s.

  2. Marla Hargadine

    Very beautiful. Thanks so much.

  3. Norma

    Great cluster by Renee!

  4. Lisa Ledwith

    Hi Karen, just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful Cluster Renee made, I hope she see’s this!! “Thank you Renee I love it and will really enjoy using it honey!!!” Karen your new kit is Fantastic, I just love the paint, the flower elements, your clusters, ALL of it, what a FUN kit!! I will be reading all of the tuts too, they will come in handy for me, as I love making home made gifts. Thank you so, so much. xoxox Lisa

  5. Lana

    thank you.

  6. Joyce Swaim

    Thank you so much. love it. and I love the kit


    Love the cluster. Thanks,

  8. Stacey

    I so love this kit! it’s my new favorite! it’s gorgeous! thanks so much for the matching QP. I’m way behind again, but at least got the house decorated and the tree up with light (still need to put ornaments on though)! thanks for the tutorial too. I always wanted to know how to sketch. Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas season!

  9. Kathleen Sakorafos

    The Handmade Christmas set looks beautiful, as are all your collections. Love the new alpha look too, a few more days to be able to download for sure.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Kathleen! (The alpha is one of my favorites too!)


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