You asked for it, and I’m happy to say I am now ready to release my newest course, “Photo Organization with ACDSee.”

  • Are your digital photos scattered all over your computer, in the Cloud, on your phone, and/or in Dropbox?
  • Are all your photos currently digitized, or do you still have printed photos in albums or in a shoebox?
  • Do you have heritage photos that need to be digitized before they deteriorate?
  • Do you want to be able to find any specific photo with ease, in seconds?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then “Photo Organization with ACDSee” is for you!

This class takes you beyond the basics of “Let’s Get Organized with ACDSee.” 

In “Let’s Get Organized with ACDSee” you learn how to use ACDSee to tag and categorize your digi-kits and supplies. In “Photo Organization with ACDSee” the course focus is on your photographs.

What you will learn in the Photo Organization with ACDSee Course

  • Installation and set-up of preferences in ACDSee
  • Tour of the ACDSee Interface
  • 5 ways to get images onto your computer
  • The File Pane; in-depth
  • The Folder Pane; in-depth
  • The Catalog Pane; in-depth
  • The Properties-Metadata Pane; in-depth
  • Creating Categories, Ratings, and Color Labels
  • How to Categorize your Images
  • How to Embed Data and Backup your Database
  • Converting your Database to a new version of ACDSee
  • BONUS: Find and Delete Duplicate Images on your Computer
  • BONUS: How to Separate Scanned Images

Also included:

  • BONUS Action:  Scanned-Images-Helper, Value $7
  • PDF Script of the entire course
  • 10 Tips you Need to Know Before Scanning your photos PDF
  • Prepare to Get Organized PDF
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Class Members only, where you can ask questions and receive support
  • Direct access to me via the private Facebook Group, Messenger, or email

The ACDSee Photo Organization Course if a self-paced video course, which you can access day or night, at YOUR convenience, with Forever Access.

Are you ready to organize and manage your photos?

Your investment for this course is $57.


The ACDSee Photo Organization Course was recorded using ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2018. If you have other versions, you will still be able to follow along with this course and should not have a problem. The learning module on Mobile Sync, however, will only be applicable to Photo Studio Standard 2018 users.

If the Mobile Sync feature is not something that is important to you, then, in my opinion, there is really no need to upgrade from later versions. You can read about the Mobile Sync feature HERE on the ACDSee website. (My personal opinion is that if you take cell phone photos, the Mobile Sync feature is worth the price of the upgrade!).

If you do not have ACDSee software, you may download a 30-day trial HERE. (Sponsored link.)


In my blog post Including Yourself on your Scrapbook Pages,  I explain how and why I started creating a scrapbook for my grandson, Owen. I realized at that time, I needed to have a better organization system with my photos, so I started organizing them with ACDSee.  While I have used the software for all of my digi-supplies for over 7 years, I hadn’t taken the time to organize my photos using the software.

Wow!  What a GAME-CHANGER for me!!!   I was able to get images right off my camera and actually catalog them (with one category), as they were being imported!  If I only wanted them to be tagged with one category, my tagging was DONE!!!!!  What a time saver!!  I can always go back and add more categories if and when I want.

Also, the new Mobile Sync with ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2018 is beyond a dream for me. I typically had all of my cell phone photos automatically upload to Dropbox, then had to manually move them to a folder on my computer.  I had to sort through the photos to see the date taken, create folders, and move them. Ugh. Several years I just dumped the cell phone photos into a big folder to organize “later.”  With Mobile Sync, you can upload photos from your phone and drop them into dated folders that are created for you. The organization is done for you. 

I was so excited about all that ACDSee was able to do with photos, all the time it was saving me, and all of the built-in organization tools, that I truly felt compelled to create this class to share all of this information with you. 

Because ACDSee has made this entire process so easy for me, I have started scanning all of my heritage photos and all of the print photos I have. I didn’t get a digital camera until 2002, so I need to digitize all of the photos prior to that date to safely archive them.  I have wanted to do this for years, but the task was just too overwhelming for me. Not any more.

If you find yourself feeling the same way, I really hope that you will consider the ACDSee Photo Organization course. I am confident that it will take away that burdened feeling, that it will save you time, and that you will gain a great sense of peace, knowing you are saving your family photos for future generations.

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