Parenting, 2nd Generation

August 23, 2019

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled “Kids Don’t Come With a Manual.” In that post, I talked about my experience as a young mom and my lack of knowledge in dealing with certain child behaviors, and how that led me to take parenting classes. Those classes were life-changing for both me and my children. In a good way.

One of the lessons I learned was how to effectively allow children the freedom to make some of their own decisions (giving them power), while also experiencing the natural consequences of their choices.

In that post, I shared a story about our son, Brian, when he was 5 years old. Today’s post is also about Brian, but this time as a father himself.

Ella (just-turned-4-yesterday) and Owen (5, almost 6) take swimming lessons. Both say they hate to get their face wet. I don’t think that getting their face wet is the problem. I think it’s more that they don’t like water in their eyes. And, well, sometimes, one thing leads to another.

Not wanting to get water on your face can present difficulties during swimming lessons.

Last week the students were practicing going underwater. Both Owen and Ella weren’t having anything to do with it. Brian finally leaned over the poolside and called Owen and Ella over and said:

“Hey, I forgot to tell you that we are going to Coldstone after swim lessons, and anyone who puts their face underwater gets ice cream.”

It was a tough choice.

Owen: His choice was not to put his face underwater.
Ella: Her choice WAS to put her face underwater.
Both experiencing the consequences of their decisions.

“You can ALWAYS change your mind. That’s what free choice is all about.” -unknown

Next time, Owen. There’s always a next time.

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  1. Michelle

    This is great and love the photo. Happy Birthday, E!!!

  2. Chris McCune

    Photo: Cute. Story: Cute. Lesson they illustrate together: Priceless. I just love their expressions.

    • Karen

      Well stated, Chris. 🙂

  3. DeLoris Musick

    Awww – tough love is painful, but necessary. This breaks my heart for Owen, but totally supportive of the way his dad handled it! You go Ella!

    • Karen

      I’m right there with you, DeLoris!

  4. jackie

    Love it! Nice to see our parenting reflected in our grandchildren’s parenting. We did something right, yay!

    • Karen

      I don’t take credit for it, but I sure love to see it!

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