January 26, 2017

I admit that I am “plugged in” probably way more than I should be.  If I’m not at my desktop, I usually have my phone with me. I might leave it on my desk while I run into the other room for something…. but you get the idea. I generally have access to the Internet at all times.

There are only a few times when I purposefully “unplug:”

  • Every evening after 7:00 pm. That is dedicated family time. If you don’t reach me before 7 in the evening, you probably won’t hear from me until the next morning.
  • When I visit my children/grandchildren.

When I am unplugged, I try to be fully “present,” wherever I am, whomever I’m with, and whatever I am doing.

My design work, however, is a business. I consider customer service to be extremely important, and do my best to respond to any emails or requests I receive as quickly as possible.

However…. 2 weeks ago I was taking care of Ella (1) and Owen (3) for the weekend.  It was just me… so I had my hands full with the 2 of them. Loving it, of course, but as you can imagine, crazy busy. 

On the 2nd day I was there, while Ella was napping, and Owen was playing with his cars, I walked into the kitchen, picked up my phone, and quickly scanned the emails and messages I had received looking for anything critical.  

Owen called out to me from where he was in the living room:  “Grammy, what are you doing?”

Me: “Just checking my email.”

Owen: “You’re supppoossed to be watching ussss.”  

Yes… I was supposed to be watching them. I put my phone down, and went back to playing cars with Owen. There weren’t any critical messages, but even if there had been, I think I would have waited to answer them until after Owen went to bed. 

Owen and Ella are 2 of the most important people in my life. If I have my phone in my hand when he wants to play cars, how is he going to know that?

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  1. DeLoris Musick

    That was sweet! I agree! Our grandchildren need our undivided attention when they are small. They grow up soooo very quickly! It is hard for me to comprehend Danny will be 10 in April. I wonder where the time has gone. But, I can look back at my photobooks and see every step he has ever made! Owen and Ella are adorable! Hugs,

  2. Sheryl Hardin

    Such a good Grammie!

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