Real Friendship

We had the joy of having my college roommate, Mary, and her daughter, Michaela, come and stay with us this week. Because we all live in different states, we only see each other once a year, and it’s something we always look forward to.

We did all of the tourist things here, which included a trip to Yosemite, exploring antique shops in Clovis, and visiting the Coarsegold Historical Village. We also went to a Music in the Meadow event at the Coarsegold Museum, which put us in the mood for even more music.

Mary has a beautiful voice, as does Michaela. Rick and me, not so much.  But we have friends here in Coarsegold who sing and play the guitar (and actually have their own group which performs locally), so invited them over for dinner and a spontaneous concert.

Mary and I met at California Baptist College (California Baptist University now). We had the same last name (Thomas), so every time we were grouped by names, we always stood next to each other. One conversation led to another, and pretty soon we were trading our current roommates for each other. No worries, our roommates were all for it. When you are just randomly assigned a roommate, which we were, it can be hit or miss. There were a lot of changes being made during those first few weeks. 🙂  

Who knew that having the same last name, would led to a life-long friendship?

When Mary was here, we also took a few naps. Not because we were, at times, tired, but also because we just could. With no responsibilities, no work schedules, it was easy to relax and not fight that drowsy feeling.

I’ve always liked the quote:  “Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap.” – Unknown

Yep. I believe it.

Do you have a friend like this? Tell us about him/her? How did you meet?

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