Starry Night Overlays

October 26, 2017

Where we live, there are no street lights. We live at the top of a mountain and can see porch and yard lights dotting the mountainside, but that is the only light there is here at night.  It can make driving up or down the mountain a little nerve-wracking; but on the positive side, it makes seeing the stars at night an incredible experience.  There are no city lights to compete with the light from the stars, giving us the most beautiful night skies, full of stars.

Those night skies were what prompted my Starry Nights overlays.  Formerly released under the name of Textured Overlays 01, I have revamped and repackaged this product to tell the story of it’s inception.

The original pack included 6 JPG overlays, while Starry Nights includes not only the 6 JPG overlays, but also the overlays in PNG format, which offers much more flexibility. 

Add a mask to a PNG file, and brush away parts of the overlay, for a unique look each time you use the file.

Available @ SnickerdoodleDesigns and SugarHillco

Save 25% now through November 6th.


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