Watercolor: No Mess, No Fuss

You asked for more watercolor overlays, and they’re here:  Watercolor Overlays 02

Create watercolor backgrounds the NO Fuss, NO Mess way!  Place a Watercolor Overlay on a layer above, or below, a layer of color or background paper and experiment with Blend Modes.  

The example pictured below was created using the Watercolor Overlay 02  #6 and a Colorizer 01 #19. I placed the Overlay on a layer above the Colorizer and changed the Blend Mode of the Overlay to Soft Light. I did add a slight Levels adjustment o make it just a bit more vibrant.

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Watercolor Overlays 02
While you are in the shop, take a look at the  Watercolor Overlays 01, Colorizers 01, and Colorizers 02. They make working with overlays so easy, and they work perfectly with any of my watercolor overlay products. because these products work so perfectly together.

I hope you have fun with these products!

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