5 Interesting Facts About Butterflies

July 3, 2020

I love seeing butterflies on digital scrapbook pages. They can add a pop of color, a sense of realism or even whimsy. They can also help direct a reader’s eye to the focal point of a page.

Besides acting as delightful digital scrapbooking embellishments, butterflies are quite interesting! Here are 5 interesting facts about them: (How many did you know?)


  1. Taste with their feet
  2. Are nearsighted but can see colors (Who figured this out?)
  3. Can’t fly if they’re cold (temperatures are below 55 °F)
  4. Live on an all-liquid diet
  5. Often live just a few weeks

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I would love to see these butterflies on your pages or projects. Please feel free to post them in my Facebook Group, so we can all be interested by what you do!

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