A Different Level of “Missing”

I miss our grandchildren when we don’t see them. I would imagine we all do.

I miss their smiles and laughter; I miss hearing the funny things they say. I miss their innocence and their surprise or joy when they learn something new.

I miss 3-year-old Ella, asking me, “Play with me, Grandma?” or “Read a book at me, please?”

I miss 4-year-old Owen, singing the new songs he learned in Transitional Kindergarten or his rendition of what happened at school that day.

I just spent a week with Owen and Ella, helping with childcare. When I got home, I experienced an entirely different kind of missing. I knew their routine more intimately, what time they got up, what they wanted for breakfast, when they were taken to school and/or other activities. I knew when they were likely to get tired, when they had their baths, how many color drops they wanted in their bathwater – their bathwater temperature, even. 

I’ve stayed with the grandkids before for a few days at a time and knew these things; but having experienced them for an entire week, their preferences, and the timeframe of their activities was ever more present in my mind.

Now, I missed them at 7:00 am because I knew they were just getting up, full of morning cuddles.

I missed them at 7:15 am because I knew if I were there they would be saying, “Grandma, can we have French Toast again? We LOVE your French Toast.”

I missed Ella at 7:30 am telling me, as I tried to help her get dressed,” “No Grandma. Me no need help. Me can do it by myself.”

And I missed Owen at 11:50 am, when I knew he was walking out of school with a big smile on his face when he saw his Dad and me there to pick him up.

Knowing what they are doing and when they are doing it, placed the “missing” on an entirely different level because I know EXACTLY what I am missing at that particular moment.

But I also have great memories – like Ella saying to me “Hold me, Grandma” or Owen telling me I am his “best friend.”

Being a grandparent is an amazing adventure. If you are a grandparent, please share with us your favorite Grandparent story. We would love to hear it!

Owen getting out of school, staying in line, but looking over to where he knows his Dad is waiting for him. A big smile lights his face when he sees him.
Still in a proper line, but is proudly showing Daddy what he made in school that day.






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Comments (6)

  1. Teresa Cody

    Well put and so true!

    September 15, 2018 at 6:48 am
  2. Janet

    I totally know what you mean. I am not a Grandmother but instead I am a Great Aunt. My niece is a teacher so I have spent many weeks up at her house helping with the care of the children during the summer (when she teaches summer school) or during the year when she has a few days before school starts or at the end of the school year. My sister lives within miles but she also is a teacher and so not always available. The three little ones are the blessings in my life. I never had children of my own but my niece has totally shared with me all the joys that a Grandmother can have.

    There is nothing better than being with them day in and day out (although a little exhausting at my age!) but the rewards are so plentiful. I think the thing I love the most is all the hugs and kisses….though as they get older they get a little fewer. In recent months their parents have gone to a plant based diet but still allow the kids to eat meat (thank goodness!). One of our favorite things when the parents have their date nights, or night school duties at the beginning of the year, is that I go all out and we have a big steak dinner! The kids love it and can actually eat more steak than I can….I always try to have some leftover so they can snack on it the next day. This year their Mom didn’t think the youngest would like steak…was she surprised when I told her he ate as much as is brother and sister. That being said…there is nothing like in the early morning when one or two come into my room and crawl into bed for a little cuddling before I get up. It is all priceless!

    September 15, 2018 at 9:46 am
  3. Barbara S

    I am so lucky as I get to watch my little granddaughter Emma every day while her Mom works. I get there early, before she wakes up so I’m the first one she sees. (Mom is the last one at night). Raisin Bread French Toast is her favorite breakfast, so I make it for her a couple times a week, and I always get a big hug for that. She is going to start a Pre-K program and the instructor told me that I could have a little break now. (Sad face inserted). I don’t really want a break, but she needs to socialize with other children more. My daughter keeps telling me I let her get away with more than I did with heer. I don’t think so, but…….. when I say EMMMAAA she knows right away she is being naughty and she tells me “I sorry Nana” – how can you be mad.

    September 23, 2018 at 4:59 pm
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