Are Children Smarter Today?


Are children smarter today than we were at their age? I asked Google to find out what others think.

“Kids are more aware of the world than the children of 25 years ago due to the spread of computers and internet and other global media They are also a bit smarter than the previous generation. ” –

Yeah, I thought so. I see that in my own grandkids.

Just a few days ago, Owen, our just-turned-8-year-old grandson, was playing Roblox (a computer game) and said to his Dad:

Dad, I’m having a really hard time with the obstacle course in this game. It’s like everyone else is cutting a pizza with a sword, and I’m trying to cut a pizza with a spoon.

His Dad (our son, Brian) had just caught the end of Owen’s comment but offered encouragement: “Well, what do we do when we aren’t good at something; we keep trying, right? Just keep practicing and I’m sure you’ll earn a sword soon.”

Owen, responding with total exasperation: “DAD. It’s a metaphor. That means….” and he started to explain to his Dad what a metaphor was.

Brian, chagrined: “Yeah, I know what a metaphor is……”

Listening to this little person explain big concepts is such a dichotomy. And that’s what makes it pretty hilarious.

It is so much fun watching our young children and grandchildren grow up in today’s world. Yeah, it’s scary in some ways, for sure, but the things they will accomplish with the knowledge that is available to them today? It’s pretty amazing, I think.

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