Do you Love the Look of Watercolor?

I love the look of watercolor backgrounds. They can provide a nice soft effect or a more vibrant effect, depending upon how you use them. I typically go for the soft effect, and that was my goal with my new Watercolor Bleached Overlays 01.  

Super easy to use, these overlays are a must-have if you enjoy watercolor!

How to Use these Fun Overlays:

  1. Open up a Watercolor Bleached Overlay in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  2. Place layer of Color above the Overlay.
  3. Change the Blend Mode of your Color layer to Overlay Blend Mode for the result pictured below. Experiment with other Blend Modes to see what other types of results you can get!

Another Option:

Most digital scrapbook kits contain solid cardstock papers.  Use an Overlay to add a bit more extra to your background, to create additional papers to coordinate with the kit papers.

One of My Favorite Options:

Combine an Overlay with one of my Colorizers to add a combination of colors to your newly created background paper. In the image below I placed Colorizers 03-1 on a layer above a Watercolor Bleached Overlay and changed the blend mode of the Colorizer to Overlay. This is really fun and easy way to create a new background.  

The Watercolor Bleached Overlays are now available at:

Snickerdoodle Designs   |   Oscraps   |   Ginger Scraps

Enjoy Introductory Sale pricing through January 30th!

EDIT: I just noticed that my blog post didn’t publish when I set it to publish, so I am extending the Introductory Sale pricing through February 5th.

I’ve also put the Colorizers on sale since they are a great complement to the Watercolor Bleached Overlays. (Expires February 5th also).

Experiment and have fun!




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