Fun with Frames

Sharing your digital scrapbooking layouts is fun!  Whether it’s in a store gallery, in a Facebook group, or on your own blog, when you share, you inspire others!  That was proven to me again this week when I received a request from a reader who wanted to scrap lift a layout she fell in love with.

The source of the reader’s inspiration was by msbrad, using Backyard Splash, and the reader asked how the frame effect was created. (Edit 2020: Backyard Spalsh is no longer available).

In this case, it’s an easy answer!  The frame is included, as you see it here, in the kit. So all msbrad had to do was create her layout, and drag the frame onto her page, placing it on the part of the image she wanted to highlight.

When using any type of frame, you have multiple options.  Here’s another example, this time by Norma.

Norma clipped her photo to one of the Backyard Splash Masks, then placed the frame on top of that. If you need a refresher on how to use a clipping mask:  How to use Photo Clipping Masks.

This layout is by LiMa Inspirations.

She placed a background paper on her document, then a patterned paper on top of that.  She clipped the papers to a mask of her own creation, then extracted her subject (girl), placing her on top of the beautiful papers mask , THEN placed the frame on top of the layout.

An “out-of-bounds” technique is also a fun effect when using a frame.  This layout, created by Linda demonstrates this so nicely! Instead of extracting her image, Linda used a mask to help her create this illusion.

You can duplicate frames, rotate them, resize them. You can clip papers to them or add Photoshop Styles.  Do you have a favorite or unique way to use a frame?  Share with us in the comment section, please, so we can be inspired by YOU!



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  1. SUCH a GREAT and easy to follow tutorial. Masks and clipping can be SO daunting, and SO easy to get in the wrong layer order–you made it easy to do right.
    Thanks, Karen.

    July 22, 2017 at 2:01 pm
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