Letting Go

September 30, 2020

“Letting go”… that phrase can be full of so much meaning. Letting go of the hurt from others or failures of our own. Letting go of our children as they make their own way into the world, or letting go of parents or loved ones as they leave this earth. Letting go of dreams or goals when they are unrealistic or are just out of reach.

I feel quite silly when I think of the potential of those words but use them in the context of something that happened to me this week.

My office is 6′ wide and 12′ long. It’s a narrow room, which made it difficult to find a desk unit that suited the area. When we moved here 6 years ago, I scoured the local office stores, then the Internet trying to find a unit that would work. I wanted a corner desk unit, which added to the difficulty of finding something appropriate. After trying and discarding 2 different options, I finally found the perfect desk.

It was a corner unit. It was narrow enough to work in my narrow room. It had drawers and a filing cabinet. A place for my scanner and printer. It was perfect! And oh, so cute (which is important to me because it makes me happy to be in the room).

But it’s been 6 years. I do a lot more than I did 6 years ago. And I was sitting WAY too much. Some days I felt like my muscles were just SCREAMING at me to do something other than just sit. Taking short breaks of 5-10 minutes wasn’t helping much. Well, truthfully, that’s probably because I tend to get focused on what I am working on and 2-3 hours will pass before I notice it.

I needed a stand-up desk. But I didn’t want to give up my cute desk. I resisted. A very long time. Until this week, in fact.

I finally decided my health was more important that having a cute office space. So after much research, I purchased a Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk by Fully. And I absolutely LOVE it. I am standing up much of the day, but if I get tired, I can just push a button and the desk returns to sitting-height.

So my work area isn’t as cute as it once was, and I still need to get under the desk and do something with all of the cord mess – BUT I can say with 100% certainty that my back doesn’t hurt as it used to when I sat all day long, and I know standing up is healthier for my heart.

Sometimes I even walk in place when I’m standing. (I think I’m going to put my step-counter on my ankle though. I don’t like that those steps don’t “count.”)

So how does “letting go” come into play here?

As much as I love my new desk, I haven’t been able to give away my “cute” desk yet. It’s sitting right outside my office door. I JUST MIGHT find something to do with it. Not in my office, but somewhere… something.

If not, I’ll give it away. But I’m just not ready to move on yet. I let go, and that was hard enough.

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  1. Stephanie Barry

    My son has had an adjustable desk for several years and loves it. When on some long conference calls where he is mainly listening, he has a stationary bike that he rides that slides under the desk so he can till reach the surface.

    • Karen Schulz

      That’s a great idea! I’ll have to be on the look-out for one of those!

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