Paint without the Mess and a Freebie

I love seeing detail on the edges of papers. There are so many choices! Floral edges, newsprint edges, painted edges – just to name a few.  

Look at this beautiful page by Rochelle. It’s really lovely just as it is….

But we can add even more fun by adding a Painted Edge.  Here Rochelle has used a Painted Edges (#6) and changed the opacity level to Color Dodge. It’s a subtle, but lovely addition to her page.

This Painted Edge is from my new Painted Edges 01 Pack. 

You can find it at SnickerdoodleDesigns and SugarHillco

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Here’s a Painted Edge for you to experiment with.

Place the Painted Edge over your background paper and experiment with Blend Modes and Opacity Levels.

Click on the image below to download.


Have fun!



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