What is your Emotional Intelligence?

As I think about all of the children across the world starting school for the very first time, I find myself thinking about “change.”

Change can often be hard. It can mean letting go of something or losing something. Change can bring with it the unknown, which can be unsettling. Of course, not all change is like that. Some change is good and happy.

Some of us are good at change, some of us not so good. 

Change can bring out all sorts of emotions in us too. Happy, sad, scared, anxious, worried…..   The key to handling change successfully is handling our emotions. Sometimes I can do this well, and sometimes I need to work a bit harder on handling my emotions.

Online this week, I found  “The Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assesment” adapted for the San Diego City College MESA Program  It took me about 5 minutes to take, and it yielded some pretty interesting results. Knowing where my strengths and weaknesses lie, it’s easier to know what areas I need to work on, what goals to set. Go ahead, take the test; see if you get the results you expect to get, or if you will be totally surprised.

My goal is to be able to handle all of my emotions with grace. For example, to be able to go from Mad to Happy, and all of the stages in between, in just a few seconds.

After all, if a 4-year-old can do it, shouldn’t I be able to?




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Comments (2)

  1. That was sweet Owne could change his mood like that. I’m not so lucky! Congratulations on his 1st day of Kindergarten! Danny started 6th grade this year. That makes me sad! I miss scrapping the pages of the cute things he does.

    September 1, 2018 at 5:25 am
    • Karen

      Thank you. Yes, the moods of a 6th grader are probably not as fluid. Yes, the days pass quickly, don’t they?

      September 1, 2018 at 6:11 am
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