DSLR vs Mirrorless? Which should you buy?

We all want to take great photos. Whether we are taking everyday snapshots, vacation photos, or family photos, we want them to be the best they can be. Is it our photographing skills that will help us get the result we want, or is it the camera we are using? Or both?

For me, learning about focal points, aperture settings, etc. is a continual learning experience. My mind just struggles with all of those things, so I want to get the best camera I can so that those AutoMode photos look good too.

When it comes to buying a new camera, though, it can be confusing. Do I want another DSLR? A Mirrorless?  What’s the difference, and what would it mean to me?  

Here is a great article that helped me decide what to purchase recently:  DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras.  I hope it will help you too!

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