Favorite Blue Jeans

February 17, 2017

Do you have a favorite pair of blue jeans?  Or shoes? Or any piece of clothing, really, that you categorize as “good, better, best” – and then shift that item through different stages of wear?  Here’s what I mean:

I bought a pair of designer jeans at a fashion discount outlet store.  They fit me perfectly, and they are ones I never would have purchased without the deep discount that had been placed on them. 

When I first got them, I wore them for “good,” with a nice sweater or blouse, and I felt very fashionable.

After a while, once they weren’t quite so new, I found myself reaching for them for “Casual Friday” at work.  

As they became even more worn, they became my errand-running pair of jeans.  

Then my favorite pair of around-the-house jeans.  

I had worn them so much, one knee started showing wear… then threads… then a big hole.   The bottom of the pant legs started fraying, and the top of the thigh area started showing some wear.  That’s when they were relegated to the jeans I wore when cleaning house, or gardening.

But this week, they hit a new low and were shifted as low as they can possibly go… paint clothes.

It killed me to do that.  This particular model and style isn’t made anymore.   Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  

But I continue to hold onto them, and I will wear them until they just plain fall off of me.

You can’t replace a pair of Most Favorite Jeans Ever easily. You just choose where and when to wear them, until you finally learn to let them go.



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  1. Jll

    hey … the holes are all in style … those jeans should have moved up to the top of the heap not be relegated to painting. LOL!!!

  2. NancyP

    Why are you painting your dogs? hee hee hee

  3. Sonya Robinson

    Your ‘Designer Jeans’ may be getting lower on your list of uses but your two ‘Velcro’ friends are still at your beckon-call.
    My ‘can’t live without’ is a pair of PJ’s that my daughter gave me. Talk about comfortable! I dread the day that they are completely worn out. My Bechon thinks that is a comfortable time to lay across my lap if and when I get a chance to sit down.

  4. FussBudget

    I hope that you use this great journaling and the photo on a scrap page. You’ve got it almost done. I’ve always wondered if designers still scrapbook their photos or if, at the end of a designing day, they just can’t look at anything scrap-related any more.

    • Karen

      True! I could definitely use this as journaling for a scrap page!!! 🙂

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