If a tree falls in a forest…

February 9, 2017

In which grade in school was it that our science teachers invited us to contemplate the question:  “If  a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?”  I can’t recall, and I don’t know that we ever answered that question.  I’m guessing not, based on this article: “Quantum Theory, If a tree falls in a forest….”

However….. that question came to mind the other day when I stepped into our backyard and saw 2 big trees that had fallen during a rainstorm the previous evening. How in the world could we not have heard that crash?  Was it that the sound of the rain pounding on our roof was too loud? Did the trees fall at the same time that thunder sounded, masking the crash?  Were we sleeping soundly, and did we sleep right through the noise?  Or since we really weren’t exactly “around to hear it,” did the trees not make a sound, but just silently break apart and the pieces just gracefully fall to the ground?

A few weeks ago we had a tree specialist here, evaluating what trees have died as a result of our (finally ended) drought. These trees need to be removed before fire season arrives.  He noted 4 trees that should be removed as soon as possible.  We prioritized the trees and had the first one removed that day. Our plan was to make our way down the list.  Fortunately for us,  tree #3 and #4 were taken care of by nature during our last storm.   We will have to have the tree trunks cut down and removed, as well as the branches; but it will be a much easier job, and much less expensive job, than cutting down fully-grown, tall trees.  I love it when nature helps in this way!

But it still astounds me, every time I  see these fallen trees…  how in the WORLD did we not hear this?




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  1. DeLoris Musick

    That’s a good question! I can’t imagine sleeping through the noise. It breaks my heart to see trees break. I’m weird, I think there is something very spiritual about them.

    • Karen

      I can’t either… have no idea how we missed those noises!

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