Exercise. Who has the Time?

December 5, 2019

Exercise. We all know we should do it.  It’s good for our health as well as our mental well-being. (7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity). The thing is that it isn’t always easy to find the time, right?

Finding dedicated exercise time has been hard for me this past year. With our ongoing house remodel, work, travel, and a myriad of other things, my exercise time slot has just disappeared. 

But I do know that I feel better when I exercise, so I started trying to find ways to get even a little exercise or movement in my day. It actually was pretty easy, once I started really thinking about it.

I can do:

  • 20 squats while waiting for my breakfast protein drink to get blended in my Ninja Blender
  • 240 steps while brushing my teeth for 2 minutes
  • 50 calf raises per minute when drying my hair
  • 20 push-ups against the kitchen counter while waiting for water to boil
  • 15 trips up and down the stairs waiting for the dogs to finish their dinner so I can take them outside  (I might need to replace this one though; it’s probably not good for the carpet.)

You get the idea.  I look forward to getting back to a regular exercise program soon. But in this meantime, this is something, at least.

Jumping for Joy is ALWAYS good exercise!
Brian & Owen at the Trampoline Park

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