Haircuts (Covid-19 Style)

April 2, 2020

We all know that Covid-19 has affected our lives in ways that we could not even imagine. I, in no way, want to downplay the seriousness of the virus nor the hardships that face us. But, in these times, a smile sometimes can lighten the load.

When we were all advised to “shelter in place” and then placed under “lockdown” orders, where did your mind go?  Did you wonder how you were going to get groceries; how you were going to attend to family members who needed your help; how you were going to be able to see your grandkids?  I’m sure we all had thoughts of the things that we needed to do and how they now seemed impossible. I thought of those things and others. It wasn’t until about a week later than I had another thought…. haircuts!

I get my haircut every 5 weeks. What was I going to do now?  I take our 2 Bichons to the groomers every 6-8 weeks. What were they going to look like?  I can guarantee you that hair matting was going to be involved. (Not saying which of us though).

Our son, Brian,  brought the hair-cutting issue to the forefront of my mind with a Facebook post, as he prepared to cut the hair of his son and our grandson, Owen.  When Brian explained the bowl-cut, Owen thought it was hysterical and happily posed for this picture.

Brian didn’t use the bowl though. He hit up YouTube for some videos instead, and I thought he did a great job!  Owen even got a lollipop, just like at “the real haircutters.”

Next up was Ella. Melissa (Mom) found this resource for Brian, who had unwittingly become the official family barber.

Ella was all in! But Mom decided to ride this out a little longer, so no haircut for Ella.  No offense to Brian, of course.

Brian’s experience gave me the courage to try this on my own. Not on ME, but on my dogs.

The hair of Bichons can get easily matted when it gets too long. Also, with  her longer hair, Stella kept smearing food all over her face! Not a pretty look.

Several years ago I thought I would try grooming my dogs by myself.  (Bichons and Grooming). That didn’t go so well, but I still have the equipment, so I thought I’d give it another try.

Stella pre-cut.

Stella wasn’t too happy with me. I think she felt I had betrayed her trust. If I am reading her eyes correctly, she is saying, “I can’t believe you did this to me!!!”

But she doesn’t look too bad actually. In this picture anyway. In-person, it’s a bit of a different story.

I’ll be first in line at our dog groomers, though, when they reopen.

As for me?  Well, I’m 2 weeks past my salon appointment. But I’m not going to be trying the bowl method or the Scotch tape method anytime soon. 

What are you doing about haircuts?

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  1. Sue Ogden

    Ah, I think Stella STILL looks CUTE! We’ve been incredibly lucky for quite a while here in Oklahoma, way behind the 8-ball in cases and until last Thurs. NONE here in my county. Now we have 4 and are officially on lock down. I lucked out because I’m a long-time client and got my hair cut Wed. 3-25. My gal was spacing clients further out, no walk-ins etc. No lock down then as we only had 2 cases in county. I felt safer there really than at the “senior” times at the grocery store! Asked her to cut it a little shorter so I won’t get overgrown as soon. Now she’s closed too! I feel bad and sad for the thousands of people who are out of work without any type of compensation.

    • Karen

      I’m with you, Sue. I think of those all out of work and it breaks my heart. I’m glad you got your hair cut before you couldn’t anymore. Getting it cut shorter was a great idea! 😉

  2. Mary Rellinger

    Honestly, I’ve been a brave soul since 2014 when my husband was without a job and we also needed to save money (on my whopping Disability check) for my son to be able to go to NY for his Wind Ensemble class in HS (which is a high honor). So, I gave up the whole salon treatment deal…I started coloring my own hair which then eventually I then even started just stopped coloring all the way AND I started cutting my own hair. Yes, I have given myself some pretty rad cuts (one of which I am growing out right now btw) But it’s all good and because there are SO MANY different styles and looks anymore… it’s all good AND honestly….I am good with it!
    ANDDDDD…..I actually DO put purple into my hair and LOVE it!!!!

    • Karen

      I totally respect you for being so selfless, Mary. What a gift you gave to your son. I might just try cutting my own hair too… but I’m not so sure I would have the success that you’ve had. What type of coloring product do you / did you use?

      • Mary Rellinger

        Loreal used to be a VERY Faithful friend for years. Then stupid MS made my arms too weak and or/I lost vision in my eye. So, I had to depart our friendship :::SIGH:::
        Now I have a friendship with Pravana who shares my love of Purple 😀 …I just wish her visits lasted longer

  3. Martina G

    You have made me laugh with this post. Especially the part about the tape. I have ordered haircut scissors and a grooming kit for men. So far… that’s it. I am braving myself to watch some YouTube videos and will have to brave up within two weeks to attempt my new “knowledge” on either myself or my husband. 😀

    • Karen

      Let us know how it goes, Martina! The men in your life could end up with “buzz” cuts. That would work and be easy to do! 😉

  4. Andrea

    hah, that was fun to read! Owen looks great after Dad’s haircutting business. I have a friend from childhood that’s hairdresser and I will call her to get to me at my home for haircut. Just don’t know when, LOl, I don’t really like to cut hair, not even bangs!

    • Karen

      That is great! Have your hairdresser come to your house so no one has to see you out and about before your hair is cut. Wish I could do that! ;0

  5. DeLoris Musick

    Owen and Stella both look great! You will get better Karen with practice! Groomers had to start somewhere too. I have always cut my own hair. Every now and then I go into a shop and get it “fixed”. I have natural curly hair, so it is really forgiving. I may go to a beauty shop about once a year or longer! LOL Ella can wear headbands to keep the bangs out of her eyes. She is such a pretty little girl! I love your story and pictures. We have to do the best we can these days and the more humor we can find, the better off we will be!

    • Karen

      YES, curly hair is very forgiving!! Mine is straight as a string, as “they” say. So there’s little room for error. You’re so fortunate!!!
      And you’re right… we need to find the humor when we can.

  6. fl_connie

    I’m actually several months past my haircut time, due to the retina surgery I had and then Covid-19. My hair hasn’t been this long in years, but I’m kind of liking it. I’m going to let it keep growing and may keep it longer, regardless of what us old people are supposed to do, lol!

    • Karen

      Whatever you like, Connie! I know a lot of “us” who have long hair and it looks great on them.

  7. Judy Clark

    Loved your post!!! You hit upon the dirty little secret we’ve all been harboring since this pandemic started. I miss seeing my kids and grandkids, but oh my, how I miss my hairdresser and nail tech!! ?
    I will survive, but it won’t be pretty. ???

    • Karen

      I am with you 100% Judy!

  8. Barbara Hewitt

    Loved this! My husband is always grabbing the scissors and trimming here and there on his hair; so he is fine. I may trim my bangs a bit, but that will be it. Who knows I may end up with a different hairstyle by the time I get to have a “real” haircut. Think about those who color their hair, have acrylic/gel nail extensions, eyebrows plucked and tattooed, etc. We could be a scary looking bunch by the time all is said and done! 🙂

    • Karen

      Yes, I’m thinking the same thing, Barbara. I do have my hair colored, but it will be interesting to say the least. Those who have acrylic names can try Color Street, which I use and love. But, agreed, once this is over the hair dressers, and nail salons, and tons of other places are going to be flooded with work. And that’s a good thing.

  9. hope3173

    Life as we know it has definitely changed for the time being! Looks like everyone did a great job with the haircuts so far! I’m just letting mine grow! Pull it back in a clip and wait until things get back to normal before I get it cut!

    • Karen

      Thanks. 🙂 You know this is a great time for those of us with short hair to be able to see if we would like it a bit longer.

      • hope3173

        Yep, mine is fairly long anyway and I was already growing it out and just having it trimmed up every 6 weeks or so. I’m also growing out my bangs and that is driving me crazy! I have never done that before. We will see how it all turns out! Anyway, hope it works out for you whatever you decide!

      • Mary Rellinger

        This is true…ya’ll might end up with a whole new hair style liking after this 🙂

  10. Tracy Gentry

    Owen, you and Stella all look great. Thanks for sharing it made me smile! I am also wondering what my hair will look like in several more weeks, I also go every 5-6 weeks.
    Take care!

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