One Way to Hide Electrical Cords

June 30, 2018

A few weeks ago I got a new washer and dryer. (One Thing Leads to Another).  It had been so long since I shopped for these appliances that I didn’t know that full-sized stackables were now on the market. I was excited! What a space saver, and I knew exactly what I would put in the extra space I would have.

Once the washer and dryer were installed though, I was disappointed to see that all of the electrical cords and the drain were visible. What an eyesore. My antique washer-ringer and the standing bucket (not an antique) were lost amidst all of the cords.

One Way to Hide Electrical Cords

For a few days, I pondered how to fix this and then remembered the vintage grape-drying trays that I picked up at an antique market. Farmers would put grapes on these trays and set them in the sun to allow the grapes to dry and become raisins.  I bought several trays when I saw them, not having a specific plan in mind for them, but believing they would come in handy someday. 

One Way to Hide Electrical Cords

So here’s what I did:

  1. I stenciled a quote on the front of the tray.
  2. I cut a piece off of a second tray to make a side pieceOne Way to Hide Electrical Wires
  3. Then I screwed the “box” onto the bottom shelf of a cabinet to hold it in place. It hid the wires perfectly!


One Way to Hide Electrical Cords

But what was REALLY COOL was that I when I sent this picture to a friend, she noticed the date on the washing ringer… June 21, 1898. And that was the exact day that I completed this project – just 120 years later!

One Way to Hide Electrical Wires

I can envision this piece being stamped with the date and then shipped to someone who would be super excited to use it.

We’ve come a long way. I’m rather thankful for that. Whenever I toss a load of laundry into my new washing machine, I glance over at these ringers (that must have been a lot of work!),  push a button on my new machine to start it, and walk away with a smile on my face.

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  1. Peggy S

    Washing machines are truly miraculous. I especially felt that way when I was doing diapers (I date myself)! I love your clever and creative solution for hiding the clutter on the wall!

  2. Dels PSP EmporiumDeLoris Musick

    You are soooo creative! That looks awesome! If the washer and dryer are full size, how do you reach the clothes in the dryer? LOL I use to be 5’4 and now I’m 5’1&1/2″. I’m shrinking! I’d need a step stool to reach the clothes and then my luck, fall off the stool! Hugs, D

  3. Connie A

    What an ingenuous solution!! Its is perfect! Your creativity is endless and that is the reason that I love your kits.


    What a clever solution and … cute on top of that! Love it!

  5. Clareene

    Great story. I love the new look. My wash room is not as cool as yours but my saying on the wall is ‘Laundry…loads of fun’. Take care and enjoy your new solar! Another great idea…

  6. Sue Ogden

    Karen, what GREAT idea! I love the saying and it really is amazing that your friend saw the date matching your day of “completion”. Way to go! Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m starting to pack for a move (not a vacation) and needed a quick stress reliever! It’s been 18 years since my last move and I’m frazzled! This really cheered me up!

  7. Pam K

    Well, how cool is that!!! What a clever & creative way to hide the mishmash of wires & hoses!!

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