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“You Color My World,” by Snickerdoodle Designs was designed in soft pastel colors.

The whimsical, watercolor elements are perfectly balanced with realistic embellishments to create a versatile kit for the traditional scrapper or the art journalist. Hearts, watercolor flowers, colored pencils, and doodles, are just some of the elements that will help you create fun pages, dedicated to those who color your world.

Relax, kick back, enjoy (and document) the month of August. Whether you are marveling at brilliant sunset colors, enjoying a cool drink in your garden, listening to your favorite music, or reading a book, you will find all you need in SnickerdoodleDesigns This is Me August to tell your story.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.” –John Burroughs

Nature offers us peace – in the quiet of the forests and the tinkling sounds of babbling brooks, in the beauty and wonder of all we see around us.  Whether you are simply relaxing, meandering down a forest trail, or enjoying a strenuous hike, release your worries and enjoy the beauty around you.  Let nature soothe your soul.


Photo Editing using Levels: the Basics

Photo Editing using Levels: the Basics

Save those less-than-perfect photos with the use of Levels. I am working in Photoshop Elements 2018, but this technique works in full versions of Photoshop in the same way. Here is my original photo. I took it with my cell phone, with the light directly behind my dog,...

Resizing Images: The Basics

Today we are completing Step 1 of the 6-Step secret formula to photo editing: Resizing Crop, straighten and resize. Correct any lighting issues (shadows, highlights, midtones). Eliminate any possible color casts. Adjust saturation if necessary. Apply any special...